So you think your theme's almost ready for showtime? Make sure you've chased down all the bugs first. Here are a few tips for testing your theme thoroughly and efficiently.

Load your theme using GitHub

Once you have your theme in GitHub, it's easy to pull it into Populr. Just follow the steps in this pop about how to load your theme into Populr from GitHub.

Test in the Editor

You've already seen what your theme looks like in a published pop using dummy content, but you haven't seen how your theme behaves in the Editor—it might not behave the way you'd expect. The following steps outline the recommended procedure for testing your pop in the Editor.

Create a new pop with your theme

Once you've loaded your theme from GitHib, you'll be able to select it from the Theme dropdown in the Editor. It will appear in the dropdown with a red border.

Test logos, backgrounds and fonts

The first thing you want to do is add a logo image and a custom background image to your theme and to pick a new font from the Font dropdown. It will be easier to spot bugs with these pieces of functionality as you work with your pop if the settings have been changed from their defaults.

Add assets to a new pop

Add at least 4 assets to your pop by clicking the Add Content dropdown and clicking (not dragging) the icon for each asset. This will test that the max_auto_assets property is set up correctly for your regions.

Test asset dragging

Add a few assets and drag them around to make sure everything behaves as expected. If your theme contains multiple regions, drag assets between the regions.

Test theme styles

Select each additional style for your theme one at a time, and scan your pop to make sure everything looks the way you expect it to look.

Check your theme in other browsers

Pull up your test pop in the other major browsers to check for issues. Here at Populr, we like using BrowserStack for quick cross-browser compatibility checks.

Final review checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you haven't missed anything. We don't pay 3rd-party themers until their themes pass this checklist!

Theme QA checklist

All good? Then publish your theme!

If you think your theme is good to go, then you're ready to publish it. Publishing your theme will allow you to distribute it to others.

Go to the "My account" page and open the Themes tab. Click the Publish link for your theme. It will now appear in the Theme dropdown without the red border.

Once your theme is published, you can share it with others by clicking on the Grant Access link of the Themes tab in the "My account" page. Just send that link to a user with a Populr account—when they click the link, your theme will be added to their account.


If you have technical questions, take a look at our theming documentation page. It's chock full of information that'll help you build your theme.


Don't be afraid to reach out to our theming guru, John, if you have questions about anything you see here.

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