Search Engine Optimization

General information & best practices:

  • SEO affects only organic search results, not paid & sponsored results like Google AdWords

  • Utilize local SEO - create a profile on Google Places and other search engines. Across the web use a company name, address, & phone number format that's uniform with your listing.

  • Start titles with keywords

  • Add modifiers to your titles like "Best" or "2013"

  • Reduce your bounce rate (i.e. how fast viewers leave your page) by utilizing interactive content such as images, video, and embeds

  • Create descriptive file names and labels for you content (images, documents, video etc)

  • Publish longer content (1000+ words)

  • Use keywords early, emphasize them in the first 100 words of text 

  • Don't use keywords more than makes sense in the context of the page. Bolding or italicizing keywords warrants them better SEO results.

  • Use LSI keywords (synonyms) of keywords 

  • Focus links in main content areas rather than in footers or sidebar areas

  • Use SEO friendly URLs - short & keyword rich

  • It can take a few weeks for your new or revised site to be cached by Google

  • It can take up to 2-3 months to see measurable results of your SEO strategy