Populr + JotForm + Dropbox = Luv

What you need

You need three services to pull this off:

  1. Populr.me - Private or Public One Pagers (called POPs) for communications that POP
  2. Dropbox - Cloud file storage with sharing
  3. JotForm - Do it yourself form builder

Its best if have accounts with these BEFORE you go through the simple process :)

Simple Process

  1. Go to the JotForm:Dropbox wizard and let it do its magic
  2. Click the Setup & Embed tab, then 'Embed Form' icon. Select the 'iFrame' & copy the code
  3. Go to Populr.me and create a new POP, add an Embed Item, then paste the iFrame Code

Tip: Resize the Item in Populr & then setup a custom domain for easy sharing!

This is the easiest way to receive files from prospects, clients, vendors, friends & family.

It's also much more professional than using a service like YouSendIt (unless you're sending absolutely HUGE files!) #PopPop