How To: Embed a Presentation

Google Presentation

Google Presentations are user friendly and easy to share with your existing contacts on Gmail and Google+. Google Presentations are stored on the Drive and accessible from any computer with Internet access. 

View the slideshow below to learn how to embed a Google Presentation into your POP!

Visibility tip: Make sure your 'Share' setting are set to "Anyone you has the link can view".


Scribd allows you to create an online library of documents, photos and presentations. You can easily share your creations with your social media followers, email subscribers and other Scribd users. 

View the slideshow below to learn how to embed a Scribd presentation into your POP!


SlideShare is an online slide hosting software. Users can upload documents, PDF and presentations to SlideShare and share them with your social media followers, email subscribers and SlideShare users. 

After creating your own SlideShare presentation, copy the embed code and then from within the POP you wish to paste the presentation select the "Add Content" button. From there select the </> embed option and paste the copied embed code into the respective field. Then...

TIP: You can also use the URL from the address bar to embed into a POP.

Wahlah! It should look like the one above.

How They Stack Up

Both Google Presentation and SlideShare allow you to embed your presentations in a presentation viewer. Scribd embeds your presentation in one continuous window with a vertical scroll bar. 

Scribd is the only platform of the three listed that allows you to share any kind of document. SlideShare and Google Presentation are only for PowerPoint-type presentations. 

How Do You Choose?

Each platform lets you share across all aspects of social media, email, websites, blogs, etc. Find the platform that you are the most comfortable  using and create beautiful presentations! 
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