How To: Embed JotForms

What is a JotForm?

JotForm is a simple tool used to create forms. These forms help you collect data such as email addresses, feedback, testimonials, or any other information you need from others. JotForms are easy to customize and embed in your POPs. Here's how!
  • Add an embed section to your POP and select Add Embed in the pop-up window.
  • Select JotForm from the list.
  • Visit JotForm to create your form.
  • Drag and drop to create your custom form.
  • Save and click Embed Form.
  • From the list of embed options, select iFrame.
  • Copy the embed code.
  • In the Populr window, paste the embed code and click Add. Your embed will appear in your POP!
©2012 Daniel Sjöström. CC BY-SA 2.0