What is it?

Eventbrite is an online service that gives you "everything you need to sell tickets and manage registration for ANY kind of event."

         • Create an event webpage • Promote your event • Manage event entry

How to embed Eventbrite in your page!

  • Sign into Eventbrite and create your event (or access an event you've already created)
  • Go to the "My Events" page, click the event you want to embed and then go to the "Invite & Promote" section.
  • Click "Website Integration". Select the available option you prefer to embed. Copy code.

Add the Embed code into Populr

From within the POP you wish to embed your event, select the EMBEDS

</> option
(* it's under the 'Add Content' drop down menu* )
Paste the code into the respective field. Enjoy!

©2009 Jelle van Lindenhuizen. CC BY 2.0