Duplicate a POP
Never start a page from scratch again

Duplicate a POP

  1. Enter your POPs Dashboard.To access select the 'POPs' link at top left corner of interface. (You can also click the Populr logo to direct you to dashboard).
  1. Find the POP you would like to duplicate. Browse through list and search based on title, URL, or by labels used.
  2. Select the POP & click 'Duplicate'. By selecting the title, a drop-down will appear with the option to duplicate.
  3. You will then enter the Editor for the copied version.

How do you know its a copy?

When duplicating a POP, you will see the original POPs name followed by  'Copy' within the field to change the POP name. 

Tip: You can change this name to whatever you like from the editors "Pop Name" field at the end of the top menu bar.