How To: Clone a POP

Populr Let's You Do A Lot: Even Clone...

....POPs {not humans, animals or desserts- sorry.} 

Cloning is a unique tool that lets you share your custom made POPs. As an agency, you can create a custom POP for a client's specific needs. After a POP is created, you can transfer the ownership of that POP to the client.

How Clients Can Use Cloning:

Your clients can take your POP and clone {or copy} it for their own use. 

Your clients can:

  • Control the ownership of your POP
  • Use your POP as a landing page 
  • Distribute your POP to their email database
  • Share your POP across social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+!
  • Use your POP as their own! 

Let's Clone! 

©2011 Kristina Servant. CC BY 2.0