Changing Your Subscription

Choose the Populr Plan That's Right For You!

Whether you  need unlimited POPs, integrated Google Analytics or custom domains, Populr has the plan you need! 

We offer subscription levels based ranging in price from free to $20 per month.

Check out our Plans:

  • Free:  The Pop Teeny
  • Basic: The Pop-Tacular
  • Pro: The Pop-Tastic

My Account-3.png

Under the drop-down menu, click  My Account.

Subscription Plans 2.png

Under the Subscriptions tab, choose the plan that best fits your specific needs. The plan in red shows your selected subscription.

Cost Calculator.png

Notice the cost calculator at the top of the subscriptions page. With the Pro plan, you can add multi-users and groups to your account. We will automatically tally how much your new subscription will cost! 

Payment 2.png

Enter your payment information and click Submit to confirm your subscription upgrade and payment.

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