Send an Calendar Invite in Style

Attach an event to a Pop

Adding a calendar attachment to a Pop is an elegant solution to the traditional send-in-an-email method.

Add a calendar attachment to a pop when:

  • Sending pre-meeting materials.
  • Marketing an event page.

Google Calendar Link

Add a Google Calendar Event Button to your Pop

  1. Select event within google calendar & go to 'edit event'.
  2. Scroll to footer of 'editing' page, and select 'Publish' event.
  3. Copy the embed code & paste into an embed content type within the editor.

Attach an ICS file

Once you have your ICS file, you can upload as a 'files' content type, and add to your Pop within the editor. 

From Outlook

  1. Open the appointment that you wish to place in the ICS file.
  2. Open the "Save as" menu. Click "File" from the toolbar at the top of the screen, and then click "Save as."
  3. Enter a file name, and select "iCalendar Format" from the "Save as type" menu bar.

From iCalendar

  1. Select the iCalendar event that you wish to place in the ICS file.
  2. Drag the event from the calendar and place it on your desktop. Dragging an iCalendar event to the desktop automatically creates an ICS file.

From Google

  1. Open the calendar settings. Select the white down arrow in the small blue box next to the name of the calendar in the far left column. Click on the "Calendar settings" submenu.
  2. Select the green "ICAL" icon.
  3. Copy the link. This link allows access to a new ICS file that contains your calendar's events.